The Department of Railway System is designed not only to train highly qualified experts but also to carry out research on railways. As the role of the railways is getting increased ever more in the future, we are dedicated to becoming one of the best educational and research institutes in this field. In particular, we would like to play a major role in developing and distributing new technologies & design theories and continue to provide high quality M.S. and Ph.D. courses. To that end, we’re committed to conducting in-depth research on new high-speed railway systems, LTR, transportation policies, construction & maintenance of the subway and railways, and so forth.
The purpose of the department is to assist registered members or employees & officials of the Korea Rail Network Authority, the Korean Railway Corporation, Seoul Metro, the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, and the Korean Railway Construction Engineering Association in obtaining M.S. and Ph. D. degrees through school-industry partnership, allowing them to efficiently respond to various changes in the industry and contribute to creating a better railway culture and developing the industry into a knowledge-based industry.